28-29 August 2018
Cordis, Hong Kong

Post-Conference Workshops – Thursday, 30 August 2018

9:00 am - 1:00 pm Workshop C: RPA for Shared Services

Across North Asia, both governments and businesses are vaulting up the shared services “value”trajectory via robotic process automation (RPA). For example, many shared servicesprofessionals in the finance function are looking to leverage RPA for Procure to Pay andOrder to Cash processes, eliminating the need for human labour in repetitive and mundaneprocesses. However, many are still unsure on where and how best to apply RPA. Explorethe power of RPA and the synergies that make deploying it in the shared services and GBSspace ideal. What knowledge should global business services (GBS) andshared services leaders be equipped with in order to successfully roll out RPA across sharedservices processes?This workshop will explore what it takes to incorporate RPA in the shared servicesenvironment and the business benefits it unleashes, in addition to discussing what sharedservices centres can do to build digital operations of the future.
Learning Outcomes:
        Explore RPA implementation opportunities in shared services such as Finance, HR, Procurement and IT
        Strategic RPA implementation in shared services from selecting the right processes, defining rules and extracting relevant data to vendor selection and piloting
        How can shared services professionals work cross-functionally to maximise the benefits of RPA for the overall business?
        Developing a comprehensive stakeholder management program to gain complete buy-in from employees and management
How can shared services leverage RPA to truly drive value?

9:00 am - 1:00 pm Workshop D: Applied AI for Enterprise

Although many organisations in Asia are just embarking on their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) journey, many have indicated an interest in the next level of RPA – Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI redefines the roles and responsibilities of human workforce to focus on value-added work increasing both labour productivity and business performance. There is a pertinent need for Asia’s business leaders to focus their efforts in AI ensuring alignment with strategic business planning. How can organisations take active steps to prepare for AI’s rapid rise and successfully capitalise on today’s AI trends? This workshop details the potential benefits and risks of AI and how you can better prepare
your organisation in harnessing the opportunities brought by AI.
Learning outcomes:
·         Understanding what is AI and its potential benefits and implications
·         Identifying potential AI risks and how to control or manage them
·         Mapping your AI pilot project: How can you apply AI in your organisation successfully?
·         Tracking and evaluating results of pilot to drive continuous improvement
Aligning your future business strategy and directions with AI